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Venetian Legends Tour
Discover the Truth Behind Venice's Greatest Legends



Did Casanova really exist? Was Marco Polo a Venetian?


This tour, with a knowledgeable English-speaking guide, starts by taking you into the secret section of the Doges’ Palace. You will pass through the meandering corridors and the macabre torture chamber, heading into the Piombi where your guide will shed light on the 18th century Venetian justice system. Piombi is the famous prison from where, in 1756, Casanova escaped with his prison mate, Father Balbi. 


Giacomo Casanova was born in Venice in 1725 and died in 1798 in Bohemia. Born into a family of actors, he traveled extensively around Europe and the Mediterranean. He is infamous mainly thanks to his descriptions of numerous love affairs with women of all ages and conditions. Casanova lived in the Venice of decadence, when the city was no longer a commercial hub, but instead an attraction for the wealthy travelers of the Grand Tour. 



Later, you will stroll to the medieval Corte del Milion, by the Rialto bridge. Here, once Venice’s main trading centre, the merchant Marco Polo and his family settled after returning from China. 


Marco Polo was born in Venice in 1254 and died there in 1324. Then, the city was reaching the peak of its commercial expansion towards the East. Venice was a dynamic metropolis importing spices, silk fabrics, precious stones, and many other expensive goods. Marco Polo represents the adventurous yet business-minded citizen of the golden era of the Venetian Republic. 


By revealing the true story through the big lies regarding the two most famous Venetians of all time, you will take a peek into Venice’s fascinating past, from the days of the Maritime Empire to the golden decadence of the 18th century.


Due to this tour’s secret itinerary, this selection is only available in the morning.



This 3-hour tour includes:


  • Secret Itineraries of the Doge's Palace
  • The Old Prisons and Torture Chambers
  • The Adventurous Lives of Marco Polo and Casanova



Pick-Up/Drop-Off: Your guide will pick you up from your Venice city-centre hotel. The tour will conclude at a point within the city-centre.


Includes: Private expert English-speaking guide for up to 3-hours.


Excludes: Guide Gratuity, Extra Hours, Entrance Fees to Secret Itineraries of Doge's Palace.




  • Children under 6 are not permitted on this tour. Due to the cramped spaces and narrow stairs, it is not recommended for pregnant women, people with mobility restrictions, or people suffering from claustrophia or heart issues.


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